Hello Alex and Hans!

We noticed that we had some problems with radiations when we bought our Metal Pergola. Before, the “small” problems became a daily. These were; headaches, insomnia even though we were tired. And last but not least the common cold, …
Since we placed the pergola in the garden directly in front of the living room wall in front of our apartment; the mentioned symptoms as described above only got worse. Of course we didn’t think the pergola would be the cause at all! We only noticed this as the flowers and vegetables were not properly growing within the proximity of the pergola.
(We never experienced such a problem over the last years) which also made us suspicious.

In addition, even whilst sitting under the pergola was unpleasant. Getting headaches and everyone who touched it would get an electric shock. After having done some research online, we learnt that a metal construction is a pure amplifier for beams.
This led us informing ourselves about the “Central Sun” and to a purchase of our Central Sun. Since we have positioned our Central Sun in our home. All our complaining of the various signs disappeared. Not only were all symptoms gone, in general everything had improved! We could sleep better without any headaches, and finally the water could not be compared to how it was before.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything about the flowers and the vegetables. But we could enjoy the last warm days outside under the pergola without any negative effects.
We are glad that we were able to achieve a much better living quality in our apartment.

Many Thanks!