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The technology is relatively easy to explain: Central Sun is uniquely activated  with a specific frequency which will permanently do the following:


  • Disruption of earth fields of water veins, earth rays and distortions,
  • Disruption of alternating electromagnetic fields that originate from power supply lines, transformers and consumer products,
  • High frequency electromagnetic waves from mobile phones, W-LAN and Bluetooth etc.


A certain balance is brought, whereby a reduction of these so called interference fields in our everyday lives. Thus making it acceptable for us human beings who are a sensitive case of being a “human antenna”.

Freeing the human body from all these electromagnetic interference fields which are foreign to the body, thus not having a negative impact on our body’s true metabolism. Thus leading to less energy required to protect it.
This is immediately noticeable with water, whereby all the information is stored. After three days It will contain more oxygen, softer in its texture and substantially taste better. For more information click on “WATER”.
This clearly is a reliable sign for having a Central Sun to create an interference-free environment.
The positive changes that take place are completely individual. One may feel a strong relief of their headaches, where others may enjoy a deeper sleep which produces an overall comfort and well-being.

Please take a moment to click on the “EXPERIENCES” button, whereby satisfied Central Sun customers described their experiences and how Central Sun brought about change.

The Development of Central Sun

The basic framework of the Central Sun is made at a small carpenter near Salzburg, Austria and is then refined by hand afterwards at our facility in Wagrain, Austria.
Nut and Oak wood is specifically selected and used since the wood sorting possess done by nature; making it an outstanding natural oscillator. Furthermore these materials are corresponding optically with our conceptions. Thus, making each Central Sun piece unique and at the same time serving its purpose as well as being a decorative element.

The use of the copper wires and the order it is arranged in are completely thought-out in detail. Making it possible to produce the circulation effect, and being permanent.
 It is important that the base of the Central Sun must be connected to the earth. Thus grounding being mandatory for electromagnetic forms as well as it with humans (energy is directly channelled through our feet to the ground).
We offer two sizes of SUNS. This derived from the fact of our many customers engaging in a positive experience in their home and wanted to have a similar experience at their workplace.

For further information, click on “CENTRAL SUNS

Positioning of the Central Sun

We are frequently asked, “where is an ideal place to position the Central Sun”?
Our answer: There is not really a concrete answer, however we feel it is ideal when it’s centrally positioned in order it to effectively reach the rooms within a 20m radius.

We primarily recommend that you simply experiment, try a few places to where you feel it is best for you.


Please note, not all water veins, terrain levels, Curry-or Benker grid systems are eliminated. But the outgoing interference fields which are more harmless.