Why does our body need Water?

Water is a wondrous and important element of our planet earth. Every organism consists of a certain percentage of water in order to survive.
Water regulates the cardiovascular circulation and digestion, acting as solvents for salts and minerals as well as acting as a mean of transport for nutrients and degradation products. Moreover and most importantly the central significance of the body’s thermoregulation is linked to sweating and breathing. Every day we lose around 2-3 litres of water under normal circumstances throughout the day. This loss must be regained primarily through drinking water, as the body can react even to smallest changes in the water balance, leading to severe disturbances.

Be conscious about this, as most of the human body consists of water!
Information and Electric Smog in Water

Every substance that comes in contact with water leaves behind a distinctive fingerprint. This is still present even when the substance has not been in the water for a long time. Nowadays, homeopathy can prove this.
Disturbances of the natural crystal-like structure of the water and the original frequency spectrum through technical electromagnetic fields lead to the impression of other frequencies, or change of the natural frequencies in the water itself. Thus, one can say that we do not only absorb electro-smog over our skin and through our own energy field, but we also drink it. That is why there is different types of water quality.

Why Is Good Quality Water important for our body
In an interference-free environment, water itself is also free from any electromagnetic interferences. The resonance behaviour of water changes after three days at the latest, thus the new revitalized water has a very positive effect on the following:

  • Organs and elements that control human organisms. Such as; immune system, digestive system, vegetative nervous system, etc.
  • Body Meridians and Chakra
  • Important biological chemical elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.

Evidently, water contains more oxygen and becomes softer with a better taste.
In addition, there is a decrease in calcification and our natural drinking behaviour automatically improves, whereby the body will demand more water.  See CERTIFICATES

Now I would to invite you to make your own impression of how important water is, in your life.