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Who We Are

My name is Hans Landmann. I currently live and work together with my partner Alexandra in Salzburg.

Since my youth, I have been an inventor with highly enthusiastic approach in generating numerous ideas in diverse areas.

In 1999, I developed a unique cleaning chemical which I also brought to market through the company: LAKOSA

This is how Central Sun was formed…

In 2005, I reconstructed my parents’ house, whereby we reconstructed the house into the office and warehouse. This is became our new headquarters.

As a few weeks went by, we were confronted with some physical symptoms which couldn’t be explained. These were; dizziness, nausea, headaches and Insomnia which we faced every day. This varied in the intensity and took a toll on our physical health.

We were recommended to visit various doctors and healers (non-medical practitioners) to receive the right medication alongside alternative treatment methods through healing. Unfortunately the results were not effective! 


Wasseradern entstören
Elektrosmog entstören
Erdstrahlen entstören

Vague Guarantees

Enduring all the pressures and strains of relocating, we finally managed to carry out an inspection of the surrounding area of the house, in order to seek and identify the cause to all our suffering.
What was surrounding our house?
High-voltage lines were directly standing directly opposite. In addition to this were; many computers and electrical appliances. Continuing our investigation further, we looked at other factors, such as, the water veins, invisible cosmic rays, global warming from the Ozone or other natural influences that haven’t been recognized till today. This left us with the rash decision of wanting to sell the house after having identified our surroundings, as we were left with little choice. 

ESO-MARKET EXCURSION and dissipation of Money

Selling the property was considered as a last resort. This forced us to look into every available and conceivable product known under “Esoteric-solutions” that assure decontamination and harmonization.   

Unfortunately none of these products helped. It only helped the respective manufactures bank accounts! 🙂 !

The Desperate Measure

Being angry and disappointed, we threw out all these so called “decontamination products” out of the window. Being left with no more ideas of what to do next.

The Spirit of Research

Nature and its Law had always intrigued us- Thus we began to engage in various types of earth rays (water veins, distortions, Hartmann-grid, Curry-grid and electromagnetism (electric smog)) whereby, we realized that these must have a considerable influence on our bodies and on its necessary functions.
Deriving from this; the tentative idea came to mind was; “how can we permanently change these harmful effects”?

Once research begun, there was an immediate spark that inspired us from the antenna that derived from “George Lakhovsky’s’ Multiple Wave Oscillator”. The form itself of the antenna inspired the Central Sun logo. George Lakhovsky’s’ Multiple Wave Oscillator device consisted of two antennae’s. Focusing on the one that had alternating open-ended circle openings which caught our eye. This triggered a drive and passion to develop a device that could reduce these interference fields.

The New Hobby

Sparing all the exact details, there were numerous attempts before coming close to giving up. During all our attempts, we often were uncertain if we were in possession of our own spiritual force to succeed.

Despite our challenging journey, the day finally came where we were finally finished!
Our development was called: Central Sun

Till this day, the wonder of this effect has not stopped. We are constantly striving to grow and improve the positive influence and effects of our Central Sun products.

Wasser neutralisieren
Elektrosmog neutralsisieren
Erdstrahlen neutralisieren
The Result

All the discomfort of not being able to sleep had completely disappeared over the duration of only a few weeks.

Was it a miracle? We couldn’t believe it ourselves, therefore we decided to give the Central Suns to our close friends to experiment with it. These were placed in houses, apartments, place of work etc. in order to identify if there experience would be similar to ours.

“It worked” – the FEEDBACK was astonishingly positive…

Our development had the same effect on others!

What Has Become of It

Through popular demand, positive experiences that led to great feedback; triggered the clear decision of making Central Sun available and accessible to a wider audience.
There were even times where we were overloads with order and not being able meet the high demand. This was due to the fact that a part of the production process consists of the Central Sun being hand-crafted.
Now having a website in place, customers have access to more information on growing range of products we offer.

Originally something planned for our own needs; helps many individuals and families who benefit from our Central Sun products.