Hello Alex,
Hello Hans,
Around two years ago we took our Central Sun and my Amulet whilst visiting someone in Austria. As I am electro-sensitive, as we had entered the apartment – I was exposed to a lot radiation.
Since then a lot has happened: the Central Sun has greatly improved my general condition. My stomach and skin problems have completely disappeared. I sleep much better at night and almost never get any headaches. Also heart palpitations and shivering are of the past.
Due to personal family reasons, we had to move to another apartment five months ago. As per my past experience, I got nervous thinking about the whole move, as my health during the last move wasn’t great at all. However, I was reminded by my partner that “I shouldn’t worry about it this”, as our Central Sun will move with us … In fact, we moved into the new apartment and put up the Central Sun immediately. I only had two restless nights which gradually got better.
I wanted to write a review for the Central Sun on your website “experiences” page, but always forgot about it. All the more; I am grateful to have a Central Sun as it really works!

Many Thanks & Best regards