Here are four experiences summarized!
Two years ago, I started to engage in the topic: “Central Sun”, but I still wasn’t convinced to go out and buy one.
I only was convinced through an accident that took place on the 4th of November 2016, which made me reconsider and decide to purchase a Central Sun. Alongside, I also was informed about the “Space Decontamination”.
The first Central Sun that I had bought was for my mother-in-law. As there was a negative energy in the house which had a suffering effect on my companion. On the day of installation, energy levels became more positive, eliminating the negative energy. Post the decontamination, we could see clear results. How? The affected individuals were treater as my companion could finally be himself. Furthermore, the suppressed diseases, which had taken over the last years; were cured. His mother got her strength, courage and the energy to express her opinions. In her case was learning to say, “NO”.
The second Central Sun was bought for myself. The effect of the Central Sun is highly power when there negative energies present.
I finally found my strength and energy again. I was finally able to separate myself from superficial people and think with a clear mind.
The third Central Sun was bought by my mother. The Space Decontamination had a really positive effect, as all negative energies were not present anymore. From past measurements, there were findings of an increase in water veins and electromagnetic smog.
As my father was not able to sleep in the bedroom for more than a year, let alone sleeping in other rooms throughout the whole house.
Since the Central Sun was set up in November 2016, my father can fall asleep in the bedroom and doesn’t have disturbed sleep.
The fourth sun was bought by a brother-in-law. In 2015, he bought a house from the 1970s. From the time of the purchase of this house he suffered panic attacks as well as palpitations. Even on the construction site itself. Very unusual and unexplainable events occurred. For example, since 2015, he had three water pipes leakages, although the water was turned-off.
Once the Central Sun was positioned in the proximity, strangers even noticed something different. They even asked what was different on the construction site – the air was clearer and somehow brighter. After the decontamination, all the negative energies were gone and accidents followed on construction site since then. Furthermore, he hadn’t had any further panic or palpitation attacks. His brother can also eat and drink everything he wants to without suffering any discomfort.
The Central Suns were able to help four families, by bringing clarification and positive energy. It evidently enrichened our everyday lives and as a result, we can only pass on the advice to not wait too long to take the next step of buying a Central Sun!
A big thanks to the both of you.
Thank you that you were there during a very difficult period of our lives! Every day is like Christmas for us!  
“Every human being is his own Blacksmith”

Sabrina January 27, 2017 Wolfern, Schiedlberg, Marchtrenk