Dear Central Sun Team,

As promised we wanted to share our feedback;
We have a water vein that bothers our office and bedroom at the same time, due to the two rooms being over-one-another. We constantly had a double load: under the office in the office and at night while sleeping. The effects were clearly felt through insomnia, constant fatigue, a lack of drive, headaches and constantly becoming ill. Going on vacation was the only way to relax!
Since we setup our Central Sun, there was an immediate relief was noticeable. Working and concentration was much easier, and less headaches. Getting to sleep at night didn’t take more than half an hour. Furthermore the sleep was relaxing and pleasant. We are generally much more conscious: we now drink more (although not always water, but for the most part), we pay attention to rest and food, and also walk at least once in a while. Our condition is continually improving and improving day by day.

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Best regards