Hello Hans and Alex!


We are highly satisfied with our large Central Sun 🙂

  • We had already noticed on the third day, that the tap water became noticeably softer with also a change in it”s taste. We could compare this quality of drinking water to spring water – which was simply amazing!
  • Since the second day, I had noticed that the air was “clearer”. It felt like the air was filtered, being more light and more ethereal (before having the Central Sun). The air even till today continues to be purified (day and night). Thank you also for making this experience and making it happen!
  • Even our two cars that are always directly parked in front of our house. We had noticed after the two weeks that they required half a liter less of fuel. Wow!
  • Most importantly, my husband and I could sleep better, again! We usually sleep a minimum of 4 – 6 hours at a time, and then fall back a sleep after waking up. Sometimes we can even sleep through the whole night (7 – 9 hours in a row – about 1 or 2 x a week). Now we have a less-disturbed sleep. This effect is great to what has been done.
  • Before the space decontamination, and about 1,5 weeks after, we were fighting constantly with each other and also with our inlaws, who lived in the same house. The relationship between us was quite tense on the farm. For me personally, the Central Sun had had an effect after about 2,5 – 3 weeks, before being more soothing and more harmonic (as it is now). I found this an interesting process. I have the impression that our house has now been decontaminated from negativty and any heavy energies. Therefore a lot has happened.
  • My mother-in-law has been baking a lot since the, and is coooking a lot her herself and her siblings. Before having the Central Sun, she hardly had any energy at all. She is blooming properly and can do all the household work again. Great!
  • My husband alongside his regualar work has been able to work now also at home on his construction work (he is currently constructing a pellet storage room). He could not do that for months/ years. After work and after a long drive in the car, he couldn”t do any work at home. He always pushed the work to the weekends (every second of third weekend). Now he is able to engage in his work with a higher engery level.
  • Also i, myself have a lot more energy and i feel physically and mentally fitter


At the moment, there aren’t any further things i can think off. However, i am confident that there will be more positive things to come. I will keep you posted!


My best regards,