Dear Alex,
Dear Hans,
We have got your contact details from our friends, since they already have a Central Sun at home and heard that it was a success for them.

As we were mainly concerned about the health problems of our four year old son. Since he was born, he had been constantly struggling with certain immune deficiencies and very dry skin; which couldn’t be cured by medicines, homeopathy nor expensive creams.

The Central Sun brought changes after two days as the water. This led to positives improvements with our son’s condition.  His skin became much softer; he was able to sleep better at night without sweating etc.
Overall, one wouldn’t fall sick. Although recently my husband came home from work with a bad cold. Interestingly, he has become less picky when it comes to eating and he often reaches for the juice bottle without any of us needing to remind him to drink something.
But the most amazing thing was, that he now puts some of the packaged food (e.g. juice packs or fruit) himself on the foot of the Central Sun before he eats or drinks them; fascinating!
We would like to thank you very much for your invention and wish you all the best!
Best regards