Dear Central Sun Team,

Our daughter is three years and since she turned one, she suffered constantly from sniffing, coughing, skin problems, digestive problems, sleeping problems, intolerances to certain foods which would simply not stop. In the beginning, we couldn’t identify to what was wrong with our child and desperately were seeking advice from physicians and alternative practitioners. Although the treatments and medication did have an impact in the short run, it was not long before the next symptom came along.
Through discussions with our neighbours, I learned that a powerful mobile radio transmitter was installed roughly around same time the symptoms began.

Through research on the Internet, we were able to establish quite clearly a connection between the radio transmitter and the symptoms our daughter had.

After four months of having bought the Central Sun, we could immediately that our daughter was getting better. The biggest complaints, such as; sleeping disorders, skin problems and the digestive disorders have completely subsided. Of course, now and then she will get a runny nose, but this is an overall huge improvement in comparison to before!

We ourselves have also noticed changes. For example how the water tasted fresher and better (in regards to Limestone, we didn’t have so much anymore). We sleep better and require also less washing detergents for our washing machine, dishwasher and washing the dishes. Although I do not know why, but it seemed to be like this.

Also visitors had noticed the difference: all of us feel very comfortable and relaxed. We are so glad that our daughter is finally better!

Best regards,