Auf dieser Seite schreiben Zentralsonnen-Besitzer über ihre Erfahrungen. Wir möchten dich wissen lassen, dass wir keine "Heilmittel" entwickelt haben, sondern Produkte zur Veränderung/Reduzierung von elektromagnetischen Strahlungen. Die hier beschriebenen, gesundheitlichen Verbesserungen sind sehr individuell und KÖNNEN mit der Strahlenfreiheit zusammenhängen. Müssen aber nicht....! Bei gesundheitlichen Beschwerden empfehlen wir in erster Linie einen Arztbesuch.

Dear Central Sun Team,

As promised we wanted to share our feedback;
We have a water vein that bothers our office and bedroom at the same time, due to the two rooms being over-one-another. We constantly had a double load: under the office in the office and at night while sleeping. The effects were clearly felt through insomnia, constant fatigue, a lack of drive, headaches and constantly becoming ill. Going on vacation was the only way to relax!
Since we setup our Central Sun, there was an immediate relief was noticeable. Working and concentration was much easier, and less headaches. Getting to sleep at night didn’t take more than half an hour. Furthermore the sleep was relaxing and pleasant. We are generally much more conscious: we now drink more (although not always water, but for the most part), we pay attention to rest and food, and also walk at least once in a while. Our condition is continually improving and improving day by day.

We would like you to share our review on your website.

Best regards

Dear Alex,
Dear Hans,
We have got your contact details from our friends, since they already have a Central Sun at home and heard that it was a success for them.

As we were mainly concerned about the health problems of our four year old son. Since he was born, he had been constantly struggling with certain immune deficiencies and very dry skin; which couldn’t be cured by medicines, homeopathy nor expensive creams.

The Central Sun brought changes after two days as the water. This led to positives improvements with our son’s condition.  His skin became much softer; he was able to sleep better at night without sweating etc.
Overall, one wouldn’t fall sick. Although recently my husband came home from work with a bad cold. Interestingly, he has become less picky when it comes to eating and he often reaches for the juice bottle without any of us needing to remind him to drink something.
But the most amazing thing was, that he now puts some of the packaged food (e.g. juice packs or fruit) himself on the foot of the Central Sun before he eats or drinks them; fascinating!
We would like to thank you very much for your invention and wish you all the best!
Best regards

Hello to the both of you!

We would like to thank you again for everything! I can finally sleep again!
I wake up every morning feeling fresh for the day, which I haven’t experiences since a few years. Also my husband and the children noticed the difference, although they have always slept relatively well. The Amulet also helps maintain my energy outside my home.
The most fascinating thing as well for me is the shopping bag. We did a test with placing a part of our grocery shopping the “shopping bag”, and other groceries in our old food basket. The taste and consistency were really different! The fruit tasted more intense and the meat was more delicate. I did not want to believe it at first, but it really was the case 🙂

Next time, we would like to try the Power Globes Globuli. We are already curious!
best regards

Dear Central Sun Team,

Our daughter is three years and since she turned one, she suffered constantly from sniffing, coughing, skin problems, digestive problems, sleeping problems, intolerances to certain foods which would simply not stop. In the beginning, we couldn’t identify to what was wrong with our child and desperately were seeking advice from physicians and alternative practitioners. Although the treatments and medication did have an impact in the short run, it was not long before the next symptom came along.
Through discussions with our neighbours, I learned that a powerful mobile radio transmitter was installed roughly around same time the symptoms began.

Through research on the Internet, we were able to establish quite clearly a connection between the radio transmitter and the symptoms our daughter had.

After four months of having bought the Central Sun, we could immediately that our daughter was getting better. The biggest complaints, such as; sleeping disorders, skin problems and the digestive disorders have completely subsided. Of course, now and then she will get a runny nose, but this is an overall huge improvement in comparison to before!

We ourselves have also noticed changes. For example how the water tasted fresher and better (in regards to Limestone, we didn’t have so much anymore). We sleep better and require also less washing detergents for our washing machine, dishwasher and washing the dishes. Although I do not know why, but it seemed to be like this.

Also visitors had noticed the difference: all of us feel very comfortable and relaxed. We are so glad that our daughter is finally better!

Best regards,

Hello Alex,
Hello Hans,
Around two years ago we took our Central Sun and my Amulet whilst visiting someone in Austria. As I am electro-sensitive, as we had entered the apartment – I was exposed to a lot radiation.
Since then a lot has happened: the Central Sun has greatly improved my general condition. My stomach and skin problems have completely disappeared. I sleep much better at night and almost never get any headaches. Also heart palpitations and shivering are of the past.
Due to personal family reasons, we had to move to another apartment five months ago. As per my past experience, I got nervous thinking about the whole move, as my health during the last move wasn’t great at all. However, I was reminded by my partner that “I shouldn’t worry about it this”, as our Central Sun will move with us … In fact, we moved into the new apartment and put up the Central Sun immediately. I only had two restless nights which gradually got better.
I wanted to write a review for the Central Sun on your website “experiences” page, but always forgot about it. All the more; I am grateful to have a Central Sun as it really works!

Many Thanks & Best regards

Hello Alex and Hans!

We noticed that we had some problems with radiations when we bought our Metal Pergola. Before, the “small” problems became a daily. These were; headaches, insomnia even though we were tired. And last but not least the common cold, …
Since we placed the pergola in the garden directly in front of the living room wall in front of our apartment; the mentioned symptoms as described above only got worse. Of course we didn’t think the pergola would be the cause at all! We only noticed this as the flowers and vegetables were not properly growing within the proximity of the pergola.
(We never experienced such a problem over the last years) which also made us suspicious.

In addition, even whilst sitting under the pergola was unpleasant. Getting headaches and everyone who touched it would get an electric shock. After having done some research online, we learnt that a metal construction is a pure amplifier for beams.
This led us informing ourselves about the “Central Sun” and to a purchase of our Central Sun. Since we have positioned our Central Sun in our home. All our complaining of the various signs disappeared. Not only were all symptoms gone, in general everything had improved! We could sleep better without any headaches, and finally the water could not be compared to how it was before.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything about the flowers and the vegetables. But we could enjoy the last warm days outside under the pergola without any negative effects.
We are glad that we were able to achieve a much better living quality in our apartment.

Many Thanks!

Hello to the both of you,

I wanted to give you my feedback on the Globuli.
Keeping it short: having our Central Sun for now two years. It is important for us to live in a decontaminated radiation-free house. With a remarkable effect, our Central Sun gives of a pleasant and quiet energy for our home.
On my last visit to you; I bought the Globuli, which have been taking now for the last three weeks and I can only confirm the description on your website!
I am more stable, calm and energetic.
No matter if I have to deal with a difficult customer or one of my friends problems. I am able to maintain my energy level. This is simply great!
Best regards,


Hello Alex,
Hello Hans,

You will also get my experience to be posted on your website  🙂

I work as a nurse, thus I come in contact with many devices and different people on a daily basis. Being a nurse and caring for people continues to be my dream job. However, I noticed that I am becoming severely tired and lagging far behind. There were many occasions where I was not able to switch-off and fall asleep when being at home. Having already tested our house for any terrestrial interference zones. The dowser couldn’t even identify any disturbance zones in the house. However, in a bio resonance test, it turned out that I am very much affected by radiation. This was no surprise; due to my job. Therefore we immediately ordered the Central Sun, Amulet and Globuli. Whereby the Central Sun was for my home, the Amulet for work and the Globuli when around the patients I treated. These assisted in accepting the fates of our patients.

Since we have the Central Sun, I noticed that I am “relieved” and can relaxed after an hour arriving home. I can sleep significantly better and feel better. After sleeping I am recovered and rested.
The Amulet helps me stay fitter during my shift at work. The energies that were causing problems are on the other hand no longer present. I can concentrate much better and I am more resistant to stress. The Globuli help me to isolate myself in a healthy way – from the patients as well as my colleagues. The heaviness and helplessness that I used to feel are now gone!

Coming across your products was one of the best things that happened to me.