AnonymousHello to the both of you!

As promised, I hereby would like to share my experience with the complete Central Sun package. Please understand that I am writing in a generic way, as I don’t wish to be identified.  Thank you!
10 years ago, I fulfilled my dream of becoming self-employed in the trading of goods.  Business was slow, in despite of having good product range, location and many opportunities. Over the years it didn’t improve.  Business wasn’t great, in despite of my efforts. At some point, I couldn’t quite fathom to why the business wasn’t efficiently running. This was till the day that two of my friends were in my store having a conversation about “Space Decontamination” that they had recently carried out themselves. At this point, I had already heard from Central Sun, but I wasn’t aware that you were focusing in this field. Actually I did not want to “eavesdrop” in on their conversation, but this triggered my immediate interest and attention. Days after hearing the conversation, it was stuck still in my head and maybe it was last resort. So I called to make an appointment with Hans. Luckily he could see me on the same day which gave me an opportunity to express the situation of my failing business.
I ended up purchasing a Central Sun, Amulet and the Power Globes, I immediately place the Central Sun in my shop and I wore the Amulet around my neck and took the Power Globes  took immediately.
The Space Decontamination was done two days later – I only needed to close the shop for the afternoon. Although I was not there, I suddenly felt a huge relief. I felt as if someone had taken a sack of flour away of my shoulders. During my phone call with Hans, he told me that the business had been surrounded by an impenetrable wall. He had mentioned that, to when he entered it, he had to clean and clean, although everything was clean. The next morning, I opened the shop with a good feeling that I hadn’t had in years. The first customer walked in and was highly enthusiastic, as he promised to recommend the shop to others. The next customer bought vouchers and other things as well. What struck me was that there was an increase in the flow of customers stopping outside the shop window and walking in. I could not believe it at all!

The customer interaction and responses were positive. Finally after many years I regained my confidence again!

Many Thanks! You saved my dream!
Love and above all, cordial greetings